We’re super excited to be kicking off our new birthday series with none other than Mikala Kennell! Mikala eats, breathes, and sleeps digital marketing and is always on the hunt for the next BIG thing. In honor of this festive occasion, we asked Mikala a series of questions to get to know her a little better. Here’s Mikala in her own words:

Are you a hunter or a gatherer?

Hunter - Gets the resources.
Gatherer - Works with the resources.

I like to consider myself all-around resourceful. Creative problem solving is my job, and I do it… like it’s my damn job. So, I guess I’d call myself the hunter and a gatherer at this point. You gotta do what ya gotta do to get the job done.

You find a slightly used genie who will grant you one wish. What would that be?

I sing. Constantly. But to be honest, I’m not a very good singer. If I had one wish, I would have to ask for the world’s most beautiful singing voice. You know, like a combination between Fergie and Jesus.

Who is your celebrity doppelg?nger?

Beyonce, obviously…. #flawless

Mikala and Beyonce. Can you guess who’s who?

How do you recharge when you feel drained?

By getting outside! I love a nice day just spent floating down the Patapsco on a tube in Harper’s Ferry, or even better, a gloomy day hike in the rain — full of adventure and jumping in muddy puddles. Being tied to your phone, email, social media, and all of the constant communication channels we use to stay connected can be draining. At some point there’s a need for balance, to take a few hours to just disconnect from it all. I like to spend that time outside, or sometimes wrapped up in a good book. ?

What is the boldest move you made?

I struggled with this question a bit at first, which I’m going to take as a challenge to start being more bold! I like to take risks, but boldest move ever? That’s a tough one.

I will say, I’m not all that thrilled about heights, but on a trip to Jamaica, I did a pretty bold thing… In Negril, there’s a place called Rick’s Cafe that’s famous for cliff jumping. The tallest cliff is about 35 feet tall, which doesn’t sound all that tall, but when you’re staring down at the water at 35 feet, it’s pretty terrifying. Well, I jumped off that cliff and hit that water so hard that my thigh was bruised for about a week. It was pretty cool.

Ricks Cafe in Negril, Jamaica

What is the best part of your job?

I LOVE what I do, but more importantly, who I do it with. My team is amazing. We challenge each other and support each other. Every single person has this passion for learning and personal growth that’s extremely admirable.

What are your birthday plans?

Oh man. Well my boyfriend’s birthday is the day after mine, so it’s just a two day celebration of the two of us which is pretty fun. Two days in a row of presents and cake? Count me in. No solid plans tied down just yet, but there’s definitely going to be cake. Also, I work for this badass company that gives us the day off for our birthday, so that’s pretty awesome.

What is your mantra?

Stay positive. It can be easy to let the stresses of life get you down or put you in an unpleasant mood, but one thing is for sure — moods are contagious. You have the power to change how you think and feel, and that’s going to rub off on those around you, so why not do something about it? Consciously reminding yourself to think positively when “life happens” will change your whole outlook on life.